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Join us for FOUR 1-hour all-access sessions on November 10-13. Look over the shoulder of expert practitioners, as they give you the step-by-step playbooks they use to accelerate momentum.

When You Look At The Data
This All Makes Sense...

We're not kidding when we say these strategies work. We know they do, because DTC's parent company uses them to scale their campaigns each and every single day.

The stats below are for a single agency account using the "Influencer Flywheel" on October 8, 2020.

The DTC Flywheel Challenge Is Guided By Pros That Use Influencers to Scale...

Nate Vankoughnet

Pilothouse, Senior Media Buyer

John Hagan

Purelei, Head of Growth

Alan VanToai
CrewFire, Founder

Eric Dyck

DTC, Director of Content

Molly Boorman

Founder, JustNips For All

Author, The Instagram Iceberg

 Kyle Guilfoyle

DTC, Head Writer 

By the End of The Influencer Flywheel Challenge You Will Have...


To build a white listing and dark posting FB influencer campaign


A brand story that gets the wheel spinning


A system to measure influencer results


A profitable content strategy


The hidden potential of creating an Ambassador program


3 influencer partnerships (using our templates and SOPs)


Advanced funnel and Facebook scaling strategies

Only Get This Program If You...

See Value In Influencer / UGC Marketing

But frustratingly haven't been able to get it to work...

Are a DTC Brand, Marketer or Agency

And want to build a profitable and perpetual user-generated growth engine..

Want More Scale and Lower CPAs

While creating more brand equity than you know how to handle...

Know That The "Old Way" Is Dead

And stopped influencer marketing because you didn't know you can scale without Kylie Jenner...

Need More Access

To expert practitioners who will answer questions specific to your business needs...


Cash In With Your New Secret Weapon



Day #1: Creator Content + Organic Influence

Get a clear understanding of the influencer / creator / vendor ecosystem and take actions to leverage it.

Day #2: Influencer 2.0 - White Listing and Dark Posting + The Product Launch Volcano Strategy 

Learn how to implement a repeatable strategy that gets customers excited about new products + amplify your influencer partnerships through white listing and dark posting.

Day #3: Advanced Content Funnels + Facebook Ads Optimization

Get a tactical playbook for optimizing, scaling, and using automated rules in Facebook ads.

Day #4: Ambassador Program + Local + Community Building

Recruit your first cohort, and learn how to use incentives, bartering, and systems to organically grow your ambassador army.

But Wait, There's More...

Join us for 4 all-access sessions and learn a system to grow your business. Build your DTC network and work with our expert practitioners LIVE and to complete the challenge and master influencer marketing

Network with like minded pros

Easily consumable and interactive content

4 Days of 1 hour outcome only focused sessions

30 min Q&A with practitioners to get clarity on your specific actions

Templates and SOPs so that you can systematize your Flywheel

Full recordings of all content

Our Money Back Guarantee

Give us a few hours and let's change your DTC brand forever.





Join us for FOUR 1-hour all-access sessions on November 10-13. Look over the shoulder of expert practitioners, as they give you the step-by-step playbooks they use to accelerate momentum.

Keep doing what you're doing and miss out on the chance to scale your business using proven influencer strategies that will work for many years to come.

And If You Aren't Happy For Any Reason...

"The Influencer Flywheel Challenge can transform your business. That’s not something we say lightly. If you follow these DTC Guides and take action, you'll see powerful results".

--Eric Dyck, Director of DTC Newsletter

Participate for up to two days. If you no longer feel it’s right for you, send us an email ( and you’ll get a complete refund. It’s as simple as that. 

Please pay attention to dates. We are firm and clear on the refund policy.

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"I just want to say I signed up for the emails and ended up listening to every podcast episode, I loved it! I can't decide if I want to have you guys be my agency or come and work for you haha! Keep it up and thank you for doing it 🙏"

Matt Wessels
Brand Builder | Investor

"I subscribe to a lot of newsletters, and DTC’s the best. Here’s my process when the email comes in … Each issue has 10-20 gold nuggets. I read through the whole thing, click through all the articles, then I start forwarding it to my team. I’m like bang “Brian, do this”,”Emily do this.” In every issue there’s something I can share with the whole thing, and I do that with every issue. That’s why I open the emails maybe 50 times to make sure I didn’t miss anything.”

Srdjan Popovic
CMO, Crossrope

"DTC Newsletter quickly rose to the top of my list "must-read" newsletters. If you're not subscribed, you're not even in the game."

Vin McAuley
President, SmoothieBox

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