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PLUS, you get DTC’s bi-weekly newsletter, jam-packed with actionable takeaways you can use to promote and scale your brand in the direct to consumer space.

Previous editions include:

DTC 59: Which subscription model are you?

how to utilize consumer research to capitalize on viral email campaigns; minisocial’s playbook for building a UGC campaign to support a retail launch

DTC 53: 📦 DTC Sneakers: Email Analysis

Five reasons why you should be jumping on eCommerce subscriptions; how to provide a VIP experience for your loyalty members with SMS; the Pilothouse team on how to "TikTokify" your ads; level up your marketing skills with the help of real experts at DTC Day.

Previous DTC VIP guests included people like:

Kristen LaFranc 

Head of Resilient Retail

Josh Elizetxe

CEO and Founder

Eric Bandholz


With planned future Podcasts guests from:

DTC Podcasts

Listen in as our experts and guests share what’s currently working for their promotions. Ask your most burning questions and get them answered in real time, plus get instant access to our living library of archived newsletters and podcasts.

Episode #112

Goodwipes is an eco-friendly hygiene brand creating plant-based, 100% biodegradable, hypoallergenic wipes – and taking on Big TP! On the podcast, Co-founder and Co CEO Sam Nebel discussed:

📦 Transitioning from retail to DTC.

📦 How bold brand marketing can make you stand out, if done correctly.

📦 Breaking down the taboos.

📦 Leveraging communication channels to increase product experience.

📦 Why forceful AOV can be detrimental.

Episode #106

On this poddy we chatted with Lillie Sun, growth marketer for Three Ships, a female-founded vegan skincare company on a mission to make clean beauty accessible to all. Lillie shared her insights into:

📦 Retail presence – How to overcome the challenges of marketing products that people typically love to see, touch, and smell – in the digital space.

📦 Product knowledge and understanding – How organic social content can be used as a part of a brand’s education strategy.

📦 Benefits of an educated prospect – How educating prospects before they buy can boost customer retention and reduce returns.

📦 Non-scaleable customer engagement – How the use of social and personalized DMs can help increase follower rates and start warming people up to your brand.

Episode #103

Eli Weiss, DTC Twitter darling and Director of Customer Experience at Olipop, dives deep into the customer experience, its impact, and his insights.

📦 The most underutilized moment in the brand experience.

📦 Going beyond the customer survey.

📦 Customer success = reaching out before shit hits the fan.

📦 Act like a human!

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